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Life as it is…

November 16, 2012

There has been so much craziness as we try so hard to define our lives and draw the proverbial lines in the sand. This is especially prevalent in the United States – Capitalism versus Socialism, Democracy versus Republic, Religion versus science and entitlement versus tolerance and so on and so on. And despite all if it; it is meaningless. Yes, it really doesn’t matter.

You see, life will continue to go on whether our nation is a democracy or a republic. The difference is relatively small in the grand scheme of things. Does it really matter what you call it? Does it really matter if our economy is based on socialism or capitalism; we are still paying our money to someone – government or corporations. Science or religion – it doesn’t matter, because we are all going to the same place when we die (whatever and wherever that is). Our overall existence is a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to the history of the earth and the universe, so why try so hard to define it? It is a complete waste of human energy when we can be connecting to create a better place for us all.

Could it be mankind’s desire to control and define life is because deep inside we are still struggling with our primitive side for survival? It has only been a couple hundred years since lights lit up the night sky.  Prior to that man put himself at risk by simply going outside in the dark not knowing what predators lurked in the shadows. Up until a couple centuries ago, food was a scarcity during harsh winters (and still is in some countries). We did not have the technology to stop diseases from spreading or even the understanding of how we got them. It has only been a very short time in human evolution that we finally have a control of our lives and can feel the safety of in our own homes and community…but do we?

The fact that fear still has such a tight grip on humanity suggests we as a species have some evolving to do. We went from prey to predator to destroying the planet within a few hundred years. When will mankind of an intervention with itself and realize, we don’t need to fight so hard against the lives we live, we just need to participate in it.

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  1. November 16, 2012 6:46 pm

    Your thoughts are so similar to my own, Jennifer. For many, the Big Question is: “What’s the meaning of life?” My questions are: “Why does there have to be a meaning, and what if there isn’t?” This kind of inquiry doesn’t help one’s social life, though, does it?

    And, yes, in spite of our 21st-century, first-world position, even those of us who are well off are still doing the same thing every human has done since humans came into being: surviving.

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