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Humanity and Fear

November 17, 2012

It is instinctual back to the days when cavemen fought to survive the sabertooth tiger. The days when men did not own the food chain, we were a part of it. We lived among other species living off the land for food and survival. Our human intellect gave us the ability to build tools, most famously the wheel. We build ourselves homes, towers, castles and kingdoms. We created Gods when we didn’t understand the vastness of space and the universe. We created an afterlife when we couldn’t comprehend death. Mankind has come along away over the millenniums of time, but yet we are so very afraid.

Today, we have complete domination of all other species of the animal kingdom. Where the terrarium was rough for us to travel, we paved it. And we have built rocket ships to soar into the heavens. We have done so much to build secure walls of protection, but we have yet overcome our psychological condition of fear.

I have learned when there isn’t anything present to fear; I create my own fears and anxiety. I worry about the simplest and silliest things.  Is this a symptom of humanity? We have abolished all our known predators that threatened our existence now we turn our fears on each other. We turn our fears on ideas and ideologies. We have become afraid of our minds and feelings. We are afraid to think; we are afraid to love. We have great, intense fears of death but it is the only certainty in our lives. Mankind has it itself so tied in knots it is afraid of its very evolution.

Fear is the biggest issue mankind has to overcome. We could win victories over all our adversaries and create a world that suits our own personal agenda, but we will never be satisfied because we haven’t conquered our fears. There will always be something keeping us from the feeling of liberation and freedom – ourselves.

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