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Attachment to Ideas

November 18, 2012

For centuries mankind thought we were the center of the universe and that the sun rotated around the earth. Many were absolutely convinced that the world was flat until Christopher Columbus set sail for the Americas. And up until Albert Einstein, everyone believed Sir Issaac Newton’s theory of gravity. Gravity is not pulling us toward the earth; the universe is pressing us down to the earth. Everything mankind at one time believed as fact has at some time in history been disproven. We all know now the Earth is not flat. We know we are not the center of the universe (although we would like to think we are); we are just a very tiny speck. We are all so vastly small in the grand scheme of things, but connected we become part of something very big.

When we think about history and all the debunked theories and believes, how is it possible to hold such a strong attachment to any idea or ideology? Everything we believe and hold dear as the ability to be disproven again and again. Yet today, with the vastness of the internet there is always someone who wants to project their idea and ideology as fact misleading people. Many grow not just attached to these ideas, but they wrap up their entire identity and life what can easily be disprove and while others define themselves with semantics. We can then be easily shattered and disappointed when things aren’t seen and believed the same as others.

Our clinging to our beliefs and ideas keeps humanity from progressing. When we relinquish what we have learned and what we believe to be true can we discover something new – a new way of thinking, being and living. It has always been the challenging of beliefs and laws that changed the course of mankind’s history.

Many believe today the world is transgressing into a new era of greater connectedness and consciousness. What does that mean? It means that all the old ideas of the past will be challenged as people begin to expand their minds. It will be a fearful time for those who are attached to their ideas and ideals. It will be more than challenging for those who have difficulty with change. It is why it is important not to cling so tightly to what we believe, but own open our minds to what mankind can achieve.

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