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Humanity Caught on Camera

November 18, 2012

This morning I awoke uninspired. In order to change the world, the message is clear but it is easier to hate and to fear. I ask myself, “What more can I say? What more can I write?” And then on a Sunday morning around 8:45 a friend posted this video on Facebook. Yes, Facebook can be used for good if we so choose to.

We as a people focus so much on the adversity, the hardships, the hates and fears of the world. The news broadcasts confrontations and encourages conflicts of ideas and ideologies. We are compounded with superficial images of materialism and immediate gratification that does nothing but continue to our illusions.

Video captures people on those nasty secret cameras. You know the ones; the ones we complain restrict our freedoms and privacy. We are such a fearful bunch that we must protect us and our “stuff” by spying on innocent people. Just imagine all that wasted video of people doing actually nothing criminal or illegal. Well, they also have captured something else – humanity acting human and people doing good deeds.

They say the world is how we perceive it. Our truth of our reality is based only on our perceptions. If we distrust and fear our fellow man that is all that we will see and we will never be able to bring about a greater change our humanity needs. But when we can open our minds and see mankind in a positive light, our future just gets a little bit brighter.

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