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Financial Freedom

November 19, 2012

Several years ago I was traveling through the Yucatan on the way to Chichen Itza with my mother. Along the road side were small shacks of Mayan families – fathers and grandfathers playing with the children while mothers and grandmothers chatted happily. My mother made the comment about how poor they were and isn’t it a shame the US is developing here. My comment was that is just what the Mayans need – a McDonalds and a Starbucks. I said to my mother, “Look at them. They are happy. Do you really think our money will make them happier?”

Americans have a very dysfunctional relationship with money. We truly believe it buys happiness, love and dreams. We hoard it and refuse to share it with those who are less fortunate. We scream out against taxation not realizing taxes are a contribution to our society. And we declare our money to be our freedom. We all hope and dream of financial freedom without realizing it is a trap to keep us more invested.  “I will be free if I wasn’t taxed by the government. I will be free if I made more money. I will be free if I can marry a millionaire.” Sadly Americans have lost completely what it means to be truly free.

I find it discouraging that many equate freedom to money. Do you need a lot of money to be free? What is it that we buy with our freedom – a big screen television set, the latest Apple ap, more clothes, a bigger house and beautiful spouse? This freedom brings on only more WANT. We use the term freedom for desire of wanting more stuff? Is want a freedom? How can we be free, if we constantly want more? How can we be free if what we have is never enough?

Freedom is in the mind and it is in the heart. Freedom is relinquishing all our attachments and one of the biggest attachments mankind has is money. We will never be free as long as we are attached to money and all the material items it buys. This money and “stuff” has no value. Currency and everything it places value on will only deteriorate with time and so will man’s freedom if we don’t lesson our grasp to money.

Complete freedom means to let go of everything thing – love, money, ideas, nationalism and religion. Letting go and accepting what is and what will be is freedom. Until mankind realizes we are responsible for our own freedom (and lack of freedom) because of our attachments, we will never be truly free.

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