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Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012

Well, it’s Thanksgiving time in America and families across the country will be giving thanks, mostly for their families, their health. Some people will complain the turkey is too dry, the gravy is too runny and the stuffing is too crunchy. Afterward, many will sit on their couch and fall asleep watching football. It is a good holiday.

But some families may be struggling to put food on the table, because they lost their job. Some may be struggling with disease because they can’t afford health care. There will be victims of Hurricane Sandy who don’t even homes to celebrate. And then there are those people who do not have friends of families to celebrate. They will be home alone and lonely.

The first Thanksgiving in American celebrated a big harvest. The pilgrims shared their good fortune with the natives the lived nearby. Many Americans don’t even want to spend time with their families, let alone a neighbor who may be a little different – race, religion, and alternative lifestyle. How often do American’s today invite into their homes their neighbors, especially those of difference?

American is still very much a land of abundance. We have more than we need, but sadly not more than we want. We have so much and yet how many of share their good fortune with others? Yes, there are those who work the soup kitchens and help feed the homeless, but we need to go beyond. We need to step outside our doors and start sharing with our neighbors and community.

Being thankful is more than just a big turkey and a big food spread; it is more than just extending our bounty with our family and close friends. Perhaps we should take a lesson from the Pilgrims and share with our community. Being thankful is more than what we personally receive; it is also what we have the ability to give.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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