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Free Energy

November 25, 2012

For the past year I have been practicing an ancient Chinese exercise called Qigong. It is a practice that cultivates our Qi (life force energy). The exercises while simple are absolutely amazing. One can place their hands facing and actually feel energy between the palms. The practice moves the Qi within and and outside your body. Its benefits include curing disease where energy is blocked, from mental stresses to reaching a high spiritual level. Qigong is the most amazing experience and it has had a great impact on my life.

Personally understanding the befits of Qigong and an understanding of the energy within and between us all, I was not surprised to learn of “Free Energy” inventions portrayed in the movie Thrive. For centuries inventors like Nikola Tesla and many others have been tapping into this energy and creating innovations that could bring free energy to everyone on the planet. We are all energy; energy exists like the air we breathe.

It would be surprising to most people that many of these inventors have been shut down and shunned. Nikola Tesla’s free energy invention was suppressed by the government over ninety years ago. Recently free energy inventor Arie M. DeGeus was not so lucky. He was found dead in his car outside Charlotte Douglas airport in 2007. And there are many others who have suffered similar fates – labs burned down, threatened and worse.

 “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”

 Nikola Tesla

It doesn’t take a free energy scientist to understand the implications. Who will suffer the most from Free Energy? Those who will suffer the most are those currently with the most power and money in the world – big oil and coal companies. Not only is free energy technology invented, it is ready for use. We could start tapping into this free, clean energy now.  No one will get rich or power, but we can provide free energy for the entire world. It sounds like the greatest idea. Why aren’t we doing this when so many people are suffering?

How can we get free energy now? Energy exists; it is already around us to tap into. If individuals begin to tap into this energy it will create a charge for others and more and more will tap into it. The more people who have knowledge of this free energy source, the more people who cannot be controlled by big oil companies who now have the power. There will come a time when our connected free energy will be stronger than anything oil, coal or even nuclear energy can power.

“After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be disocvered that taps the earth’s magnetic field”

Hopi Prophesy

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