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Slaves to Opinions

December 7, 2012

No matter where you go you will hear someone giving their opinion – Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal. And then you have those who are neither, declaring we are all lemmings for being part of the “system”. Yes, we are slaves of this governmental, corporate matrix and because of all our greed and ignorance we have dug ourselves into an even greater trap. Can we get out of this hole?

A lot of fingers are being pointed and a lot of names have been called. Let me tell you, for those who have the power that is exactly what they want. It’s called divide and conquer no matter what side of the ideological fence you are on; they own you.

How do we break through and free ourselves from the bondage? Is it less government; is it protesting and boycotting corporations, or is it pulling our money out of the banks? The answer is all and none of those things. We simply cannot change the world overnight, and we cannot change it by bickering amongst each other.

Admitting our society is controlled by the higher echelons of life is the first key. Understanding they are trying to divide us and thirdly is to unite. Change never happened over night. It happened with a few people making positive steps forward.

A positive collective consciousness of the people is what we need. We all need to get on the same frequency of change for the betterment of all of civilization. If this is what you desire, stop the complaining, stop the arguing and get together with brother – your neighbor and create the change.

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