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It’s the End of the World as We Know it.

December 16, 2012

PACAL%20HEADYes it is, but the key to the title is “as we know it.” For all those who fear the prophesy of 12/21/12, from the words of Mayan Leader Pacal Votan speaks to the date as a transition from an old working dying and a new world being born. 12/21/12 is actually the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new world.

“Based on knowledge of the larger cycles of Time as mapped by the ancient Maya, Pacal Votan knew that humanity as a species would become disconnected from the laws of the natural world and would fall ignorant of our sacred interdependence with nature. He also knew that modern humanity would be put to the test to see if we can regain our conscious connection to natural time as the universal frequency of synchronization, evolving beyond the constructs of man-made linear time.

Can humanity, as a whole, awaken to the discrepancy of our man-made timing standard that has set us apart from the rest of nature, and get back in harmony with the timing frequency of the Living Universe?”

What is this new world many asking? Several years ago on a trip to Chitzen Itza, the guide spoke openly about this change. “We are leaving the age of man,” said our tour guide, “We are leaving ages of war, money, greed and industrialism. And we will be entering the age of woman – nature. Our new world will be one where humanity reconnects with Mother Nature.”
This is no longer a prophecy; this is happening now. Alternative fuels and energies are the top priority for many people. Millions of have disovered the benefits of organic foods and natural remedies for sickness, toiletries and basic house hold supplies. Many have discovered forms of meditation that reconnect them to their human spirit and the animal kingdom. Humanity has already begun to connect to one another and once again live in harmony with nature.
It is a booked called the “Celestine Prophecy” that talked about this change. Author James Redfield wrote there will be fights over this change of power. Those who now have the power, the money and influence will go to great lengths to prevent this change. And it is true, we are seeing people like the Koch Brothers and others going to great lengths to buy our elections in America and take away our hard earned civil rights. There are battles today of those struggling to hold to the old world and those who are encouraged by the promise of a new age. These prophesies are no longer prophecies, they are current events.
As 12/21/12 approaches, we have nothing to fear and everything to embrace. But what it entails is relinquishing our attachments to all things material and superficial. We must detach from old ideas and philosophies that have kept us prisoners to those in power. We must open eyes and our minds and embrace not only ourselves, our families, but the world.

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