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My Freedom, My Gun

December 18, 2012

guns-in-americaIf you equate having a gun as being free, you are not free. You are living in a world of fear and paranoia and you are definitely not free.

What is even sadder than the tragedy at Sandy Hook; is that so many Americans feel they need to arm themselves against each other and against our government – a government we have the power to elect in and out of office. Not only is that argument is sad, it’s kind of pathetic that we do not even trust the men and women we elect into public office whose duty is to protect and serve us. What is wrong with the American people? If we do not trust our government, why do we elect them to office? We have the power with our vote, why do we think we need to take up arms against a government we elect?

Sitting in your house with your gun under your couch just waiting for the remote chance someone will burst through your door is not freedom. Walking around with a concealed weapon on the off chance a random shooter may attack, is not freedom. So afraid to walk outside your door because you are afraid someone is going to take something or do something to you is not freedom.

Guns themselves are not the issue, it is the addiction many Americans have them. Guns have begun like a bad drug and can make a person feel stronger, invincible and especially a false sense of security when all statistics show that owning and carrying gun that you are at higher risk if injuring yourself and others.

This paranoid delusion that many American’s are suffering, believing they can be safer with a gun is harmful to our nation and we as entire people need group therapy. We are suffering a mental/emotional condition and we are prisoners to the demons in our own minds. Only the mind at ease and the mind at peace can be free. No matter how many guns this country has, we will never be free.

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  1. David permalink
    December 18, 2012 4:24 pm

    As much as guns can be to blame for this horrific tragedy, There is another culprit equally as damaging and dangerous. Violent video games, especially first person “shooter” games. People of all ages immerse themselves into a world of war, killing and death with no reprorcussions. These are brainwashing our society disgusting forms of entertainment are hugely popular and growing more graphic and detailed every moment. Society needs to realize what lasting effects they have on impressionable young people. Any measures to control guns should equally include violence in games.

    • December 18, 2012 4:35 pm

      I agree David. It’s all our conditioning as a society. People play video games, watch violent movies and believe they can live their life as a game/movie. It has all warped our minds

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