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The Power of Love

January 21, 2013

mlk-prayingIt’s hard to look at the world today with an open heart, because all one tends to absorb is hate, intolerance and ignorance. No matter how good a heart you have, all this chaos and madness seeps into the heart and soul and causes pain and anxiety. It is enough to turn humanity inward and away from the all the problems of the world instead of trying to address. It makes me wonder, is it easier to turn a blind eye and ignore all the injustice in this world?
Today on Martin Luther King Jr. day, President Obama’s second inauguration, I wondered with compassionate, hearts and souls confronted such adversity, hate and madness without turning back and running. What made them so strong in the face of all of it? How is it possible to maintain love and compassion in your heart when facing so much hate?
The answer is compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. Once we can accept all the gratitude and love in our lives without fear we can look at others with compassion. There is such supreme strength in the fearlessness of love and compassion, most men of hate and ignorance can never understand. They will never understand how someone cannot only love their enemy, but accept them and give them forgiveness and compassion. Love and compassion is the most absolute power and it is a power all of us have the ability to harness, yet few of us do.
Men like Martin Luther King Jr. were great men because they we able to harness this power and influence many others that brought down empires. But they are not just idols to put on pedestals; they are examples for us to follow for love, compassion, peace and passivity. We don’t need money or guns to solve our problems; what we need is love and compassion. It is something our country is sorely lacking today.

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