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EOC Book

Living nearly thirty years in isolation, safely tucked away in the solitude of deserted silver mine on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Earl Hollsopple had no recollection of what bought him there, only faint distant memories and a few old artifacts tell of a prior life. It was a peaceful existence of nights monitoring the stars, galaxies and the universe until one night he was struck by the glaring lights of a police search helicopter. Instinctively he begged to be rescued, but when his pleas were ignored, he decided to find his way back to civilization.

On his journey, Earl met a simple man in search of intelligent life, a young man of conviction at a cross roads soliciting faith, and a homeless man defending his territory.  It wasn’t until he met Elisabeth, a strong-willed young woman vulnerable to the heartlessness of society that promoted Earl’s rejuvenation.  His liaison with Elisabeth was life changing, but it was very clear she was not his destiny only a key to his destination.

Earl had now an even greater challenge to face – his past. He learned of his previous life as a Vietnam Air Force pilot, who disappeared over North Vietnam. No one at the time came to his rescue. The US Army listed him as dead.

As a ghost he wandered into the civilizations constructed in Las Vegas where through every door he was thrown out of every historical civilization – Ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, Medieval England and Egypt.  All these civilizations seemed so temporary, he worried would he ever find his home

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