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Lost in the American Dream Book


In a time where everything has a price – families corporate sponsored and dreams bought and sold like currency, Wisconsin business school graduate Jake Kramer finds himself without a dream and little hope.

To regain inspiration he sets off to vacation in Spade’s Manhattan – the brain child of financial tycoon Jonathon Spade, who years ago evicted all Manhattan residents to the outer boroughs and forced them to work as actors in his new Manhattan theme park.

But when Jake arrives in Spade’s Manhattan, he realizes the dreams he purchased do not satisfy. It is only when he meets Liza, an actress who performs in Spade’s Manhattan and follows her home to Brooklyn does his vacation truly begin. It is in Brooklyn
where he learns working for your dreams far outweighs living a fantasy.






“Jennifer Ott embarks us on a journey that reminds us of the things that are really important in life. Journey with Jake Kramer as he realizes working for your dreams outweighs living in a fantasy.” Carol from PA

“In the book Lost in the American Dream, Jake Kramer graduates from college and immediately sees his great dream to rise to the pinnacle of the business world literally fall apart beneath him. Piled on top of that his girlfriend dumps him and he learns that the future that he had dreamed of was all based on phoniness and lies. The story drew me to feel the hero’s shattered reality and his struggle to find some solid base from where he can begin to build a new life. I understand his emptiness and loss but I also admire his determination to m ove forward. Finally, I celebrate the reclamation of Jake’s ambition, finding love and his innovation of a new way to experience the world.”   Carl from FL

“Definitely one of the best fiction novels I’ve read in years!  Jennifer Ott shows a vivid imagination and intelligent questioning of a future reality in “Lost in the American Dream”.  She instantly pulls you into a tale of an imaginary NYC that she makes truly (and frighteningly) believable.  Her descriptive images and characters mesh so well in this fast-paced read, that I actually started back at page one again after reading the story the first time!  Kudos on a fantastic novel that I highly recommend!” Andrea from NYC

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