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Civilization is defined as an advanced state of human society with a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.  Throughout history, many great civilization have risen and fallen all of which have described as a great civilization.

Romans believed they were most advanced civilization that lasted for more than a thousand years. And many Romans never dreamed they would fall to barbarians; they did. Peoples of the Renaissance sought enlightenment through arts and science. They could never imagine the innovation of the industrial age. Throughout the centuries, humanity could never predict their fall.

We also must realize that some of these great civilizations worshipped many gods. Later many in the Western world were introduced to one God and in modern times with greater research in Quantum physics, some are finding religion in the universe. Great civilizations believed the world was flat, until Christopher Columbus did not fall off the edge of the earth. At one time it was heretical to believe the sun did not orbit the earth, but the other way around.

The main thing we understand about history is no matter how much we think we know, we really know very little. And what we do know about history, we fail to learn the lessons and more so repeat the same mistakes of other civilizations.

Instead of looking at history with mere facts and statistics, but understanding the social and human aspects of history, the lessons become much clearer and discussions arise for how we can improve our civilization and therefore our future.

Our doom is not our future, but what we fail to learn from the past.

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