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Ooh Baby Compound Me


Pledging, hazing, beer bongs …it’s the bewildering world of credit card membership.

Despite a good job in the fashion industry and even better intentions, Jennifer Ott finds herself in the unavoidable position of provoking the ire of either Uncle Sam or her creditors. She decides to pay her taxes, but finds out just how vindictive credit card
companies can be.

Seen through the tears of frustration, these faceless corporations take on the appearance of college fraternities, their CEOs and presidents as capricious as characters from the movie Animal House.

Sure, these friendly frat brothers—intoxicated by their own good will (and sometimes other things)—offer a lot to entice us. We’re given entry into an elite society, power, identity, and some really great toga parties. And while the buzz from the drinking games
has us in a stupor, all the debauchery seems like a good idea—like the American dream.

But then the bill comes due; and you really don’t want to piss off Kappa Beta with a late payment: “[They] stripped me naked and circled around me beside a blazing fire. They branded me with irons. The words ‘bad girl’ seared into my skin, making sure I ould never outlive their scorn.”

By avoiding the jargon of economics books, “Ooh Baby Compound Me” captures what it’s really like to be at the mercy of the corporations that control our
financial destinies.


An outstanding effort on your part and should be included as a hand-out to every college freshman! “ Art Gahagan  – Tampa Bay Credit Doctor

“Jennifer Ott chose to pay her taxes, she learned just how vindictive the credit card companies can be. Jennifer will share her ordeal by fire and bares her soul in her typically hilarious way, comparing what happens to us at the hand of our credit card companies to the hazing that goes on in a frat house. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Jennifer shares the very best of what she learned in the course of her multifarious escapades and dealings with the goblins and specters of the credit card industry.”


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